Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's about time!

This is the first day I've had where I've had nothing planned that I've been able to update our humble blog. So much is going on right now but I have to save that for later. It's been five months since our vacation to New Mexico, can you believe it? Last I left off I believe we were just about to head to Roswell & Carlsbad.

About 9 in the morning we put lovely Santa Fe behind us and began the long, half-state journey south on 285 through the almost-deserted town of Vaughn. We rolled into Roswell around eleven.

In Roswell, for those of you who weren't aware or thought was just rumor, the way of life revolves around aliens. All the storefronts have some sort of alien-theme or application present:

Mexican restaurants...

Storage Companies... strange... we didn't see any UFOs stored there!

Where they say the WB show Roswell once was filmed. Now it's a souvenir shop.

We stopped by the visitor center on Main St to get advise on what to hit first, since we were only passing through and had a couple of hours to spend there. Blake decided just to stay in the car and send me in to get pamphlets so we'd only be there for a few minutes. I walked in to a deserted center where a video on aliens played to an absent audience. Cardboard aliens stood everywhere, and I started to wonder if they were open. All of a sudden, from behind the wall, a woman popped out and scared the crap out of me! She told me what we should see, helped me stick a pin into a map to show we were from Denver, and sent me on my way with the parting words "Have an out-of-this-world time!" Okaaaayyyy. Someone doesn't get out enough...

I made my way to the car, only to find it was empty. I didn't think alien abduction happened that quickly, I said to myself. And dangit! He locked the doors before he was beamed up!! As fun as that sounds, I really did figure he had to use the restroom so I waited. And waited. Then went to check on him in case he "fell in". I met him on his way out, completely unharmed!

The Crazy Visitor Center Lady told us to go to the UFO Museum so that's what we did.

I have to tell you that these people take their aliens very seriously. Inside, everything is presented in a timeline-like fashion, from the first witness accounts, to the first telephone call and radio address, to the alleged government cover-up and the subsequent sightings.

According to witness statements and affidavits, the government threatened their lives and the lives of their families if they told anyone about what they saw: alien bodies, ship wreckage, government movements, etc. However, with the recent popularity of anything alien in the past few decades, the government has pretty much turned a blind eye to everything that happened 70 years ago. The museum claims to show visitors the evidence; it's up to us to decide if it happened or not. I am still unconvinced about aliens, but convinced the government covered something up that happened here.

The UFO Museum also presented photographs that the public has sent them: hubcaps, hats, lenticular clouds (of all things), balloons, things that people have thought are UFOs but the pros at the museum have ruled out as such. But they also have photos that are pretty convincing. Crop circles, Mayan theories and Pop Culture are also on display.

Government-Issued Aircraft ID Chart :-)

What do you think?? Are they out there??

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