Saturday, June 11, 2011

Q: What happens when Life grabs you by your wrist?

A: You try your best to stay on your feet and not perform a stellar faceplant!!

When we got back from New Mexico, we were crazy enough to seriously consider buying a house. Were we nuts?! Don't get me wrong; we'd been saving like crazy for a down payment for a while and that was the plan all along but we didn't know if we were ready for the big jump. We had a real estate agent/office practically built in to the family and there was not doubt we'd eventually use their services. Our wishlist was that we wanted a 2-car garage, a big yard for Pearl, a larger kitchen (as we like to cook & entertain), at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and to be in the Cherry Creek School District; one of the best districts in the Denver area, if not the state. We embarked on a few Saturdays' worth of house hunting and narrowed down our search to a few listings in Centennial & Aurora. The place we eventually agreed on, which we'll call Kalispell, was updated and remodeled: the kitchen, bathrooms, floors... everything inside had a fresh coat of paint too. Blake didn't like it so much, mainly because it had a pretty dinky kitchen. I saw the potential but he couldn't see it yet.

"The Elephant" from the living room...

And from the kitchen. Just an empty wall.

It took a showing of another house with a similar layout for him to finally get what I was talking about; that wall's gotta go! It served a purpose as an eat-in kitchen, but we needed some serious storage space!

This was pretty much the kitchen, from the left side of the picture to the right!

So we put an offer on Kalispell with the full confidence that we could tear down that wall and put in more cabinets and countertops. The remodel was completed recently so finding matching everything wouldn't be hard. The only counteroffer the sellers gave us was a closing date change! Easy stuff! So naturally we accepted.

The inspection went well with no major problems. The inspector was worried about the roof and the furnace mostly. We asked the sellers if they'd go halvsies on one or the other. They responded by replacing the furnace free of charge, so we thought we'd better not push it.

We closed on December 30 in the middle of a huge snowstorm! We have a house!!

(Can you find the puppeh?)

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