Monday, January 16, 2012

Some explainin' to do


Big news.

Bigger-than-a-house news.

But I haven't been keeping quiet to be mean.

Priorities kinda shift when babies enter the picture.

Suddenly, the blogging endeavor that you once kept up quite easily becomes merely a thought in the back of your head at 2 am when you're trying to roll over from one side of your body to the other while your belly sloshes and kicks.

But what a ride it was.  The most terrifying, exciting, nerve-racking experience of my life.  But in a good way! 

So for a bit of backstory:

When we made an offer on our house I was working a ton of hours at work.  It was the end of November.  End of Year.  End of Month.  Physical Inventory.  I think I worked about 50-60 hours that week, just cleaning up Open Orders and Inventory and customer's accounts and getting things in order.  (Clue #1: Sleep Deprived)  When I got home at night I would just collapse on the couch with Blake and fall asleep to the TV (Clue #2: Lack of Energy).  Work bought us dinner for like a week straight since they were keeping us all from our families so I felt like crap (Clue #3: Tummy Ache).  Practically every night I'd mention to Blake that I felt really wierd, not sick, but just... wierd.  A little queasy, a little grumpy (Hm. Morning Sickness anyone? Clue #4).  When I went to bed and if I laid on my stomach I felt like I was laying on a ping pong ball.  (Clue #5: There's a baby in there!!)  Of course, having a fever and the shakes & chills didn't help either.  I don't think it had to do with pregnancy but maybe all my hours working?  Who knew!  On top of that the heater on my car blew out and it was really cold that week too.  Didn't climb above freezing.

So yeah.  Lots going on and lots on my mind.  I attributed everything to long hours at work and dumb luck with the car.  (I mean really; why can't the heater blow out when it's 80 degrees??)

It wasn't until I looked at my pocket calendar (because I had been keeping track of my "monthlies" since we weren't trying but weren't preventing either, if you know what I mean) and realized after giving it a half-hour's thought that I missed a period.  Did I really miss it or am I just not remembering?  So I mentioned it to him that night.  Simple conversation.  "Uh Honey?  I think I missed a period."  "Oh really?"  "I'll probably get a pregnancy test while I'm out tomorrow."  "Ok then."  The next day was a Saturday, and while I was Christmas shopping at Target I picked up a preg test.  Freaked out about it then, and again on Saturday night.  I woke up early on Sunday morning to take Pearl out for her morning pee.  Saturday night before bed I opened the test and read the instructions.  Test in the morning when your pee's the most concentrated.  Pee in a cup or put the stick under your butt and pee on it.  I opted for the former because my hands were shaking so bad that I couldn't imagine getting a good result trying to aim for a stick!!  So I rummaged thru the kitchen cabinets for a disposable cup because there was no way I was going to pee in a glass or mug!  Managed to get enough in my cup and stuck the stick in for the required 20 seconds.  Then give it 2-3 minutes to process.  Good thing I had a dog crossing her legs to take my mind off it all.  Outside we went into the cold to clear my mind.  When I came back in, my hands shook even more and my heart hammered in my chest when I saw the result.  Blake was still sleeping so I had a couple hours to digest our news and think about it and pray about it.  My news to him when he got up pretty much went the same as a couple nights ago.  "So... I took that test..."  "Yeah?" He answered the same time he saw the test on the bathroom counter.  "Uh... that looks... uh... Hey!  Okay then!"  Hugs and kisses and you're-going-to-be-a-daddy/mommy congratulative statements followed.  Our house inspection was that morning so we piled into the Jeep and headed over to the house.  By then morning sickness settled in so I sat on a cold folding chair in the kitchen, put my head in my hands and willed the queasiness away.

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