Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Getting Campy" Part I

About a month or so ago Blake & I bought a flashy new camera (pun was indeed intended) for our trip to New Mexico in October. It's a Canon Rebel T1i; a digital SLR. Since the day it came in I've become quite the nerd; learning about all the bells & whistles. While I consider myself a far cry from anything resembling an amateur , I've learned a lot already (thanks, N & K!!). This past weekend we went camping with N & K up between Lyons & Boulder, off Peak-to-Peak Highway. We had to four-wheel in to get to our campsite. Sorry, no pics of that. I am still getting used to having a blog and I haven't reached the point where I think of these things on the fly! Regardless, it was fun, although it made peachsauce (like applesauce) of my peaches that I packed. Our campsite was quiet, yet one could hear gunfire in the distance; the NRA apparently doesn't think it's a coincidence that we were in the Roosevelt National Forest. (Budah-bump, tsh)

Last weekend was also a free weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park, so after breakfast on Saturday we put a picnic lunch together, piled into N's suv and off we went, cameras in tow. After enduring the traffic of Estes Park (nightmarish on Saturdays, by the way) we made our way into RMNP. We took Fall River Road, stopping every few miles to get out and take pictures. It's been a while since I've traipsed over rocks and logs, but we got some great pictures. N taught me about shutter speed, what some of the settings meant, a little about white balance, and other cool things. He even let me borrow some of his lenses to try out: telephoto, macro & wide-angle. I have to tell you that if I wasn't married and you could do it, I'd marry that macro lens. I LOVED it. We went from this little moss patch on a log:
To this:

I had a fantastic time. And then N uttered the seven bestest words ever: "You can have it if you want". Twist my arm. Apparently the man never uses it. Although he has his own blog, and he needed to borrow it this week for his blog. Go figure.

Anyway, for now, I leave you with this piece of eye candy:

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  1. That was a great idea to do a before and after picture with the new lens