Sunday, August 8, 2010

Memory Lapse

I'm a bad girl. When I created this blog I had the full intention of posting weekly, but let's be honest: I forget a lot of things. A lot. I forget what I had for dinner last night, I sometimes forget when appointments are, the dog dish goes empty (not to worry, animal lovers. She normally has a full dish of food and eats when she's hungry, like most *cats* I know)and blogs are forgotten. And we don't even have kids yet! I'm screwed!!

I also wanted to make introductions. Blake & Sarah, these are your readers, as few & far between as they are. ;-)

I am Sarah. I am a Colorado native, born in Denver and reared in Parker. My parents are still married. Dad is a maintenance inspector for an airline company and Mom is a part time patient at a medical university. Yes, she plays a patient for the students; not really heard of at most colleges! I have a younger brother, "J". **

Blake is from Omaha, and his family moved here when he was a teenager. He has two older sisters, J & L. His parents are married as well, and his father is a retired truck driver. His mother works part time at a major discount store. He has three nieces.

We met in July of '05, and officially started dating in January '06. Yes, there *is* a long time between those dates! However, that's saved for another post.

That is, if I don't forget.

** Names besides ours have been shortened to protect privacy, since they don't know this blog exists. Yet.

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